What We Do

Branding & Messaging

Brand positioning can be tricky, especially for companies breaking new ground. Perhaps you sit at the intersection of several different industries. Maybe they haven’t yet coined a word for what you do. You might be an established company in need of a rebrand as you embark on a new vertical. No matter your situation, we’ll help you crystallize your positioning and then bring your story into the collective consciousness through an overarching brand narrative and strategic messaging that conveys the value of your work to customers, employees, investors, and other stakeholders.

Thought Leadership & Executive Visibility

True thought leadership goes beyond expertise. It reshapes norms, redefines industries, and compels action. We take a strategic approach to identifying information gaps and uncovering differentiated perspectives that can elevate your executive team to change catalysts. We’ll help you build a thought leadership platform that plays to your strengths, resonates with your target audience, and sets you apart in the market. Then we’ll help you activate it through the right mix of content and distribution channels.

Crisis Communication & Issues Management

Reputation is everything. To protect your employees and brand, we’ll work with you develop a proactive strategy for issue identification and a playbook for risk mitigation. And when crisis does strike, we move with speed and sensitivity to resolve it and restore trust, adhering to our core values of accountability and integrity.

Strategic Counsel & PR Program Development

Every innovator has a story. The team at NextTech will listen intently to yours to establish a program that enhances and protects your brand image, combats perception issues, or increases awareness among key stakeholders. We tailor our strategies and tactics to your program objectives, delivering results that move the needle.

Media Relations

We excel at media relations. Our firm prides itself on our close relationships with journalists at leading media outlets across a variety of industries. We’ve built and nurtured these relationships over many years and will be able to introduce you to the reporters and producers that you should get to know. We blend creativity and efficiency, combining data-based insight with well-honed instincts to effectively strategize which reporters to reach, with what narrative and when. We approach media relations with the eye of a journalist – able to creatively tell our clients stories while connecting our clients’ perspectives to breaking news for consistent and impactful visibility.

Media Training

Through our highly individualized training sessions, we work with spokespeople to tell their stories and convey key messages persuasively and prudently. Our interactive workshops focus on clarity of message, quotability, tough questions, and bridging techniques. We offer specialized sessions for broadcast appearances to hone the 30-second soundbite and nonverbal communication.

Content Development

Whether it’s consistent blog posts, evergreen website copy, a technical whitepaper, or a long-form survey report, NextTech has the resources and versatility to write it masterfully. Our talents don’t end with the written word. We can assist you with podcast production, videos, and any conceivable content asset that helps attract, convince, and convert.

Social Media & Digital

Regardless of whether you target Gen Z or retirees, consumers or executives, your audience is online, on social, and on their mobile devices. To increase reach and engagement, we are able to work with you to build both organic and paid social media and digital marketing strategies. We will analyze campaign metrics together, do more of what’s working and do away with what’s not, while continuing to adapt and reprioritize as new platforms and behaviors emerge.

Speaking & Award Submissions

We partner with businesses we believe in and will do everything in our power to help you enjoy the respect and recognition you’ve earned. Speaking engagements and awards are integral to promoting executive visibility and building brand credibility. The NextTech team excels at spotting and seizing opportunities to place clients in front of a captive audience and aligning them with their field’s most prestigious institutions and awards.

Event Planning & Support

Our team will work with you to determine which milestones warrant an event or exhibition and the best way to produce it for maximum attendance, engagement, and publicity. We provide planning and support for online, virtual, and hybrid events as well as guidance on everything from pre-event email campaigns and podcast appearances to post-event recaps for social and major media outlets.

Industry Analyst Relations

Industry analysts are important influencers for many B2B businesses. Focusing on quality over quantity, we’ll work with you to map which analysts to prioritize and develop a strategy to forge or strengthen relationships with them. We’ll help you craft your market positioning for analyst briefings, awards programs, and events. We can also help you monitor peer-reviewed sites and develop customer review outreach programs.


Communications and marketing programs most often fall short when they’re created in a vacuum, uninformed by the competitive landscape, past performance, or observable audience behaviors. Through our proprietary data analytics models and AI solutions, our team of data scientists will uncover audience insights and competitor intelligence to guide your strategies and optimize results.

Funding & Transactions

No matter what stage you’re at on your way to the top, NextTech will help you connect and cut deals with the investors eager to take your startup from pre-seed to the stock exchange.
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